Outlanders VFX is an agile, comp studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

We specialize in episodic and feature film projects, also offering hard surface 3D and DMP support.

We are adaptable and committed to delivering great work.

We take pride in being adaptable and embracing the distinct challenges that each new project brings. This flexibility allows us to come up with creative solutions that leave our clients thrilled with our work.

At our core, we work hard to deliver value to our clients while also maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. We believe in injecting fun and irreverence into our approach, which fosters a dynamic and enjoyable working relationship.

We approach each challenge with dedication and an innovative mindset, aiming for the highest quality in everything we do.

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Crafted with care, powered by passion.

Originally from Spain, Camil Adell and Erik T. Jensen are the Co-Founders and Owners of Outlanders VFX. They have a strong background in delivering high-end visual effects for movies, TV shows, and video games. Previously, they gained valuable experience at CVD VFX and Crafty Apes, where they played integral roles in the company and the projects they supervised.

Over time, Erik and Camil significantly developed their skills, leading to their involvement in the Leo Award-winning team for Best Visual Effects in a motion picture for five consecutive years. Building on this success, they founded Outlanders VFX in June 2021.

With their combined expertise and genuine passion for visual effects, they have established a reputation for impressing their clients. Moreover, Outlanders VFX goes the extra mile in caring for their employees’ well-being and professional growth, fostering a culture prioritizing quality of life and success for everyone in the company.

When you choose to collaborate with Camil and Erik, you’re choosing to work with talented professionals who deeply value your project’s success. Together they have built a company that’s committed to its own culture while delivering exceptional results and prioritizing strong client relationships.

Reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together.

(604) 441-9298 / (604) 652-5192

300 – 108 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BCV6B 1G8.

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Outlanders VFX
Outlanders VFX